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Is there a time when you will not be tempted? 

is there ever a time in life one does not give into temptations? Some say of course! I say, there is a time you are more aware it is wrong but rationalize it and sin.. then fall into the cycle of sin ask forgiveness try then fail. Is there ever a time you are not tempted? The time that occurs, is when you see and know it is a wrong action, and learned to pray and get busy with things, removing self from familiar temptations.
is there ever a time.. one is not tempted? Only when one truly reads the Bible daily, prays for discernment. Then, and only then, when the sin approaches with the whispering demons, you truly are aware of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. With God in front of the temptation you will not fail.
Is there ever a time in life one does not give into temptations? The time that is the most dangerous is this, Knowing the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God are looking right at you. Not a'faith' of knowing, a knowing knowing. As you give in, once more to a familiar sin and you literally are aware of their presence and you know it is a sin? That my friends is very very close to Blasphemy toward the Holy Spirit.
pray, talk, walk with, be with on a constant in thought process either asking or giving thanks to God. Reach out to someone if you are about to do it ..yet one more time.
God will help you know
God bless you

Shade of sin blocks the Holy Spirit's light in our life 

I was going to fix a screen, one of the panels had separated from the other panel. I walked to my drawer of tools where I work on crosses and stood there a moment. I forgot what I was going to do.. I looked in the drawer and thought,, “what was I going to do?” I stayed there and looked at all my tools, I wasn’t currently working on a cross, so it wasn’t that.. then I glanced around and saw nails on a shelf. “I remember, I was going to fix that screen and needed my hammer!”  

Going to the bible like me going to my drawer of tools, but forgetting what I was looking for. We read not knowing When God will let us ‘see’ or ‘hear’ what we need to learn.  While reading the bible, Like me going to my tools, looking in the drawer but forgetting why I was there. I knew the ‘tool’ was in that drawer, but forgot why. The bible is the ‘tool’ for us to learn what is a sin and to live in His word.

When we open the bible, we truly do not know what God will show us. Then, we read scripture which we learn and can now walk in His light through our day. We have the ‘tool’ /His word/ to impart in the way needed, that word of God through life gently with love.

Keep thinking about your actions. Keep questioning those actions, where the Holy Spirit is saying “whoa.. buddy.. don’t do that” with a feeling of.. not good.

When we get closer to the Lord, understanding His will He imparts onto us the understanding to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.  We begin to feel the slightest dark shade from a sin.. could have been a thought of judgment of someone or wishing something not good on someone.  

The CLOSER you get to the Lord and your path of walking and working for Him.. what was the subtle sin you didnt know or feel it was wrong.. becomes a literal feeling of the loss of light in your soul.. there is a tangible palpable feeling of Gods Presence with the Holy Spirit in all .. but the more you learn and the less you sin.. the stronger the light flows through you.

 That is the peace of the Lord.. the peace from the Holy Spirit where doesnt matter what is happening in your world, He will take you through it without fear, pain or sadness.  When one sins at that level the lack of brilliance is shown there is a shade to the feeling of God within you.  The Holy Spirit is still His bright self.. but the sin has put a black umbrella  up blocking light to a part of your soul…

Brothers and sisters,, I have lived a life of many sins.. after some not good things happened to me ..I went crazy in the world grabbing any pleasure I could. I didn’t care how vile it was, I was reaching for love, for pleasure to feel good to cover my pain from life.

Through my broken soul and heart, I reached for God. with each thought and reach He answered. Life was not easier, yet. I am a healing minister for God now. Always was, prayed and knew miracles happened but I was still walking through not a good place and away from God. Walking the line, being a hypocrite.. but I had to get to that point before I could even learn that is what I was doing.

We learn in seasons and levels through this physical flesh and life. When we always try to learn His way. When we read the bible.. walk the best we can.. He becomes louder in our whole existence.     WE still HAVE free will.. and the enemy is always whispering.. unless and until you rebuke and turn to God.. we are blessed we have 3 in one…..shows how intricately involved God is with us.. there is the comforter…always with us . the holy spirit.. there is Jesus, word in flesh who became the filth of life and allowed the devil to rip Him apart and mock him.. we have the Father.. who loves us so much     He gave Jesus. His only 

Son      so we..      only… so we wouldn’t be damned forever.

Hell must be pretty real, and very bad for the Father, who allows free will, sent Jesus to be the sacrifice for us. God the Father knows what it takes to grow spirit, to clean soul and spirit to be with Him. We cannot understand or fathom the reasonings of a sacrifice to be made..   or suffering here    why? Why, because the Father knows how to grow the spirit to be able to have the energy levels of love and purity to be in heaven and walk with Him.  

There are different levels of energy with every action. Love’s energy is beyond different from anger. hatred, vile, just plain evil actions.. that energy cannot exist in heaven.  The waves cannot exist in heaven.

So, trust the Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit the comforter indwelling in all of us. And step up into a light that has energy of forever love  and step away from that energy of evil where the vibrations of such in your soul, will keep you from being in heaven. 


Listen to the teacher! listen to the Father.. listen to His son! Jesus literally bled and suffered on a tree to save us………. has to be serious and scary


God bless you with His presence


Mitch Bensel



You sinned again, now what? 

We walk the best we can in God's glory. We read the bible, we pray for people, we give our lives to God, to Jesus to the Holy Spirit, then we sin.  Is a moment of an old path, familiar and vile but we rationalize it is ok, we know God loves us and it cant be that bad. But, every sin is bad. The small one of lying to the horrible one of murder. Oh, not the murder of flesh, but the assassination of their integrity and their reputation.


God abhors bearing false witness against another, it is considered murder. But Mitch, c'mon he is just a bad guy and gossips also. A sin, any sin is massive in the eyes of our Lord. Jesus had to suffer more than we can ever understand, so we can be forgiven, again and again for sinning.


I do not care how close or far away from God you are, a sin hits the soul with a vile black drop. Each sin that occurs and we do not ask forgiveness we do not repent/ change mind/ and denounce/ don'd do it anymore, it begins a huge eclipse of God's vision upon us. God sees all the evil and the good, Proverbs 15;3. but He will not ‘hear’ us. John 9:31. Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.

So when we sin again, get to a quiet place and talk with God. Let Him see you want to stop, we want to be what He needs, we want His love and light to shine on all we are around.


Is easy to fail, and is easy to ask forgiveness. When we stop asking and trying not to sin, is when our souls are doomed to a forever suffering in hell. Matthew 25;41  Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels


God bless you

Imagine the immense pain and horror Jesus had in that one moment..  

A thought came to me today while praying and thinking about Jesus. I think of Him often,His love for us His pain he endured for us. While i make the crosses, i see His suffering with each carving and shaping of the cross. OUR vile actions against the Father that Jesus knew he would take on. From the beginning, imagine doing nothing wrong but loving all, teaching words of love, showing the will of His Father. He said often He was doing the will of the Father. In a holy vision to me that is being finalized into song, the words “your desires are the Father's, only His way is the way.” Shows that Jesus, who is the Son of God, who is one of the Holy Trinity, was doing the Father's will.

He prayed three different times in the Garden on the night of Him being taken away. Three times for at least an hour each time. For He admonished them that they could not stay awake for ‘at least’ an hour. So, possibly a little less. Imagine the intensity of the prayers, Jesus talking to His Father, knowing the suffering He would endure. 

Mark 14:34 KJV  And saith unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death: tarry ye here, and watch 

The long tortured journey to the hill to be finally nailed to the cross. Suffering immeasurably. Now the moment comes. He knew He was almost done with His task of saving us. Our sins ripped through Him with every lash, torn into him with each nail. Every drop of blood a scream through the halls of His soul! Pain of which we will never experience. 

Then.. Separation from the Father. Forever was with the Father until that moment. Imagine the intensity of the pain our Lord felt then yelled out. Obviously the knowledge of that moment of separation  was kept from Him. He did not know He would not feel the presence of the Father. That is the horrendous amount of sins committed so bad and so many that Jesus had to feel separation from the Father for the first time, in time. In the existence of time. To take on pain we will never know, to be so tortured physically, then had to be separated from the Father. i cannot even imagine Jesus's sorrow  silence in His soul, His Father turned away

Father God will not look at sin, Jesus had taken all the sins to the point of being completely blotted out of the Father's vision. I believe there are two reasons for the separation. One, is because He will not look upon Sin, and I feel Jesus had to feel, experience the pain of the void life is without the Father, that is the horrendous amount of sins He took away.


FIRE INSIDE - Words that came to Mitch while resting...

I was soaking in a hot tub, resting after cycling several miles. I fell asleep but was awakened with these words being spoken. I was saying them, "Nobody told them they  have a fire inside.." .. I got up and wrote them down. and more came to life. We have a fire inside, it is our soul and our love for God! This talks of the journey of life when we are lost in drugs, temptations and life has us by our souls. Then a  realization we wasted life, then finding God, and the ‘fire inside.’The last words of this I feel, felt like was from a place in life when time says God is real. WE all have a fire inside! Never too late!  


Nobody told them they had a fire inside.. 

and the wish did slip around in their mind, 

lips of ice told of lies of days gone by.. 


I watch the blue drip down my wall as I sit.. in my bathroom stall 

I sprinkle powder and then I know it all.. 

Burning eyes see the cold of heat 

hands feeble try to feel complete.. whispered.. but the power is gone 


I watch my feet follow the morning dawn but the shadows only know the torn 

of the ease of tears 

and the watch.. of those who mourn.. 


I grab my head as I feel it burst with pain from the very first of the thought.. 

of power now thrown with thirst 

pulling my feet back inside my head 

I float..into oblivion 


where the mast meets the sail of eternity 


the waste of time now the gone of mine 

is this life..I throw against that wall of sublime and the wish.. that moves around in

my mind ......... 


somebody tell them they have a fire inside!

not to waste a moment of this place we reside called life.. and live and never hide.. 

lips of ice can be warmed again 

fire released can be used my friend those feeble hands again and survive!