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The annual healing event, 23 May 2023 at Coburn United Methodist Church was a great success! Pastor Anthony Thomas was part of this miraculous and glorious event for the glory of our Lord Jesus!

Miracles AND the debut of the new song written by Jesus Emmanuel will be out soon for all to hear! from a vision while Mitch slept, the words have been composed into music by Rodney Harris and his son Ryan! They are working on completion of all the combined instruments! It will be almost orchesteral! if that is even a word : )  After it is copyrighted can give the name and a way to listen! 

Rev. Mitch Bensel has the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit, which means he walks in God's word the best he can and lets the Holy Spirit use all of him. To speak the right healing prayers, hands to heal, for his walk to be where God needs him!

The Holy Spirit has shown Mitch many different ways that He heals others. We are all diverse, all different, all unique. Each has a different path and way of learning and hearing our God. Truly, each celebration will also be unique for everyone that attends, the Holy Spirit will show and teach each on the level of faith they can understand and feel. The difference with the healing Mitch does, is God is blessing all with the first two healings with knowledge and knowing His presence! His love to be felt when called upon with prayer, when called upon at any time. And healing, total healing from what is needed to be removed. God's timing may not be ours. But the deposit of the blessing occurs at this service. Your faith by going to it will open the doors of your spirit for God to help.

Know that Mitch has absolutely no power whatsoever, Mitch prays God heals! God does all the miracles! 

 God has shown Mitch many different ways He heals others. Once it was a clear liquid that moved from his chest to the one instantaneously healed.


Mitch will soon be posting YouTube video testimonials from those that were healed by our Lord! 

After miracles that happened in Zanesville Ohio from listening to the 7 minute ‘three healings’ audio on Mitch's YouTube channel, he was asked to visit Zanesville. Thus starting the annual public healing event there. 


The Celebration of God's Love healing service is completely new miraculous healing offered by our God! THREE TYPES OF MIRACLES with one celebration. The three healings started in 2012, when Mitch was told to create a CD and do Three Healings, Walk With Me. This CD is still available on CDBABY.Net 

Truly the most important healing is for us to know how to hear our Lord, know how to walk the way He wishes, and the Three Healing service gives you a knowledge of childlike faith! The most important healings are those. The final is a complete healing of what is needed, cancers, depressions, anxiety, bone pain and all that is needed for YOU that is Gods will to give!


Invite Mitch to your rehab, church, prison, synagogue,  business, hospital, your homes! Let the Holy Spirit bless you.  The celebration takes about 30 minutes and is complete with miraculous results!

Email him at ~ he will pray immediately for healing to be sent your way. 

Contact Mitch for over the phone  prayers. 

Even with faith as a true Christian, we can have a difficult time here. Click the link to Mitch's YouTube to a recording done over ten years ago at the urging of the Father. 

Even With Faith  



Let's talk about crosses! A big ministry with me is the cross making from drift wood and other pieces of wood. They give healing to people and homes! Not guaranteed. Tis God's will, His timing, your faith, your path.

Mitch makes crosses from driftwood and more recently from wood of a tree that was split by lightning. This may seem like he is pushing a product. These crosses always find the right owner, for God knew who would get them millions of years ago. And the people that purchase feel the need to order it, to have it in their homes, or to give as a gift when nudged to do so by God.

 Each of the white pine wood crosses hit by lightning are numbered and have a burned lightning image on the side. As with the lightning wood and the driftwood come with a certificate of authenticity that it is a Bensel cross.

When he asks God to bless them in Jesus name, before mailing, he is shown different things that God is blessing them with. He has seen it on the wall or next to a person on a table. He is shown sometimes, anger in the home, or sadness, or a need to feel Jesus closer. 

When the crosses arrive, for most of the people that have purchased them, God has done what He said He would. He blesses them. Many homes feel the presence of God with holding or looking upon the cross on their wall or in their hands. 

The cross is our reminder of Jesus and His sacrifice and blessed by God. We do not worship the wood or the cross. We look upon it to remember we are ok and forgiven. Jesus did the ultimate sacrifice which truly, at any time, He could have said He changed His mind. But, is God's will for Him to die for US so we could be forgiven. The purchaser  will also recieve 2 pieces of Bazooka bubble gum which represents childlike faith.

A new wood has been found, Ebony! Rare and the hardest wood on the planet and the most expensive.


*Below is the newer 3 Healings AUDIO

 including a specific healing from Heroin Addiction














For healing

Click the audio at the bottom of this page  Read testimonials!

                          The words below are from the vision...

                                  Lifting time away from me ...    
                                                       And be what you need ...




The 4th! Celebration of God's love healing event at Coburn United Methodist Church in zanesville Ohio, was a huge success! The debut of God's song, words given to Mitch as a vision while he slept, was performed and is still in the process of completion with more instruments! Miracles occurred and are still occurring from that celebration!