let's talk to God . . .





I care for you, even though   I do not know you

I want you to know

everything is ok

I wish I could pull all the fear from you

so I drop a prayer your way 

you are loved and every moment seen

by our creator of love

never mean

we may have a lot of difficult times

but so did Jesus

His life was not sublime


no matter when or what or time

I care for you  not wanting anyting in return

… relax into this rhyme    

writings from the walls of my soul Volume V Mitch Bensel


TheThree Healings was first recorded on the CD WalkWith Me, which is still available on the net. https://www.amazon.com/Walk-Me-Mitch-Bensel/dp/B00EU2UW3O

 When you invite me to your gathering they are combined as all present will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. With learning what God feels like our faith will grow and with faith all life is beautiful, no matter the horrendous things happening around or with us.

 This is a healing service for the Spirit, an instructional service on how to talk to God and varrying ways to walk with God are individual to the people that are present at the service. God does all the work, I pray with Faith and the Holy Spirit uses me to empart God onto all present. Everyone is on a different level with God and everyone is in their own unique season of learning. Worry not, He has you no matter what level you are consiously aware of. As they say “fasten your seatbelts!” Once you attend one of the Three Healing services your life with God will change! A deeper understanding and way to walk with Him and how to talk to Him. Anytime we ‘talk’ to God we are praying. A prayer, is talking to God. All attention on Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I look forward to praying for you. Write to me, invite me    let's get the beginning of a new understanding and touch from our Lord!


History as a healer for God

As a healer for God, when I pray the Holy Spirit instantaneously  shows me variations of light on the person prayed for. Sometimes the light is thick with a beautiful yellow. Other times is dotted light all through the person. I have found that to be an issue in the blood. Sometimes i am made aware the light will hold the illness in place until  doctors can rid it from your body.  Some people are shaded out, there is nothing can help them, it is time to go. 

There are times the prayer is not a healing but protection from any adversaries spiritual or physical.

When I ask God to bless the crosses I make, I am shown what the home and the person needs. Lately He is showing more of the personal not the home and I am able to write to them with the cross they purchase to let them know God sees them. I am shown things i should not know, no way to know, i am just the messenger. If shown, I will tell the person. Sometimes shown a negative but the message from God is how to reach for Him when that down time comes into their life.


Miracles are still happening! If you need prayer or want someone prayed for email me.    We begin the miracle with faith that God hears us. We believe after we ask for His help that His will be done. WE, let it go to Him! 

The outcome may not be what we asked for but we asked and God will give the way HE knows is needed. 

7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened

Invite me to your church, rehab, prison! Miracles are happening! Your gathering, your fireworks display!

The only thing you will lose is at the most 30 minutes of your time. But what you will gain will be miraculous! Of course the gifts will be metered by the amount of faith all have. Even Jesus could not do ‘many great works,’ in His own town because of lack of faith. 

Matthew 13: 57~58 And they were deeply offended and refused to believe in him. Then Jesus told them, “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family.” 58And so he did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief.


The last annual healing event, 23 May 2023 at Coburn United Methodist Church was a great success!  this miraculous and glorious event for the glory of our Lord Jesus! 

 The debut of the new song written by Jesus Emmanuel will be out soon for all to hear! From a vision while Mitch slept, the words have been composed into music by Rodney Harris and his son Ryan! They are working on completion of all the combined instruments! It will be almost orchesteral! if that is even a word : )  After it is copyrighted can give the name and a way to listen! 

Minister, Mitch Bensel has the gift of healing. He was told he was a healer by God and our Lord has shown he is by the miracles our Lord has done through him with Holy Spirit! Gifts of the Holy Spirit are real and many in life have been called on to have gifts.  Below are a few testimonies of miracles from God through Mitch from the Holy Spirit!When your walk in spirit, the Holy Spirit moves with miraculous results!




3 Testimonials of miracles and hearing the Holy Spirit!




Invite Mitch to your rehab, church, prison, synagogue,  business, hospital, your homes! Let the Holy Spirit bless you.  The celebration takes about 30 minutes and is complete with miraculous results!

Mitch has in the past taught stranger danger to children in elementary schools. He owned and operated a martial arts school for 30 years and taught Shaolin Kung Fu. 

Invite him to your school to speak with students that wish to attend, ‘How to talk to God’. He will have the outline of the talk on this site soon. What better way can we help our youth but to teach them, in simple terms, that God is truly with them every moment. With his own examples and using scripture, how God helped him and kept him safe as a child. Mitch will be  publishing soon a series  of children's books on how to talk to God and how He is truly with us. Simple stories with profound impact. Imagine as a child knowing you truly are not alone and how to talk to God!

Email him at mitchbensel@mitchbensel.com ~ he will pray immediately for healing to be sent your way. 

Contact Mitch for over the phone  prayers. https://mitchbensel.com/contact 

Even with faith as a true Christian, we can have a difficult time here. Click the link to Mitch's YouTube to a recording done over ten years ago at the urging of the Father. 



Let's talk about crosses! A big ministry with me is the cross making from drift wood and other pieces of wood. Mitch was told by a spiritual friend she had a dream he was to make crosses, that was over 20 years ago. These crosses have had miraculous moments occur in people's homes. 

Mitch makes crosses from driftwood and more recently from wood of a tree that was split by lightning.  These crosses always find the right owner, for God knew who would get them millions of years ago. And the people that purchase feel the need to order it, to have it in their homes, or to give as a gift when nudged to do so by God.


When he asks God to bless them in Jesus name, before mailing, he is shown different things that God is blessing them with. He has seen it on the wall or next to a person on a table. He is shown sometimes, anger in the home, or sadness, or a need to feel Jesus closer. 

When the crosses arrive, for most of the people that have purchased them, God has done what He said He would. He blesses them. Many homes feel the presence of God with holding or looking upon the cross on their wall or in their hands. 

Jesus did the ultimate sacrifice which truly, at any time, He could have said He changed His mind. But, is God's will for Him to die for US so we could be forgiven.

A new wood has been found, Ebony! Rare and the hardest wood on the planet and the most expensive. https://treeplantation.com/black-ebony     

Below is healing from Anxiety


Healing from Vaccine issues, Yes God can do anything!


Mitch Bensel is a healing minister working for God for over 20 years!







For healing

Click the audio at the bottom of this page  Read testimonials! https://mitchbensel.com/miracles#testimonials-of-miracles

                          The words below are from the vision...

                                  Lifting time away from me ...    
                                                       And be what you need ...




The 4th! Celebration of God's love healing event at Coburn United Methodist Church in zanesville Ohio, was a huge success! The debut of God's song, words given to Mitch as a vision while he slept, was performed and is still in the process of completion with more instruments! Letters have been sent to a couple of Christian singers to see if they will take on this miraculous song from God. God's will be done and it is His song.