Mitch Bensel would love to hear from people he has healed through the Holy Spirit. 
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BENSEL CROSSES:   Available on this site...

Mitch Bensel creates the Bensel Crosses using driftwood found along the banks of the Ohio River.  Every cross is different as the woods are tossed by the waters to erode and change in color and shape from wherever they originate. When the cross is purchased, Mitch asks God to bless each cross and different images are seen by him. Some for protection or people need to feel His presence.

Mitch holds a cross in his left hand then with right hand begins, "Dear God"then he begins asking God for the blessings he is being shown. He has said that as soon as he says that he feels a swoosh of peaceful energy surround him. This is done with every cross purchased before they are shipped to the buyer.

Those who receive their cross can often feel the energy around the cross and find if they are having a bad day they walk into the room where the cross is and think of Him they feel  peace comfort them. After purchasing the first cross and experiencing its energy, many persons buy crosses for family members and friends. Each driftwood cross is numbered and unique and beautiful.