Medium size driftwood cross with curved cross barCROSS ORIGINS

Crosses are created from driftwood found along the Ohio River at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Indiana.  Mitch searches for unique specimens of wood of all shapes. He cleans and carves the wood and puts the crosses together.  After they are purchased he prays over each cross and asks God to bless them with what the home or person needs. 

 God is putting the blessing of His presence on the crosses and it fills the home and those who look upon this symbol of our salvation and feel His peace. God knows who will receive each cross. Jesus is with us always and these crosses are full of His Holy Spirit.

Your cross may be powerful. People have said they feel the presence of peace and a feeling of pressure as they place their hands over the crosses. The crosses are just wood, but with God's blessing they may show all who look upon them a feeling of peace. Of course I cannot guarantee you will feel peace, but each is a handmade wooden cross from the waters touch and time. The cross represents God's sacrifice for us to have a path of forgiveness and a chance for forever love. Crosses can be ordered from the store on this website. 


Mitch is told many stories of how these crosses have changed lives, that peace has entered the home, or a change in their attitude, more confidence, and a feeling of God close. Due to the personal nature of many of the changes and miracles he will not post them here. Just know, if you are drawn to have a Bensel cross, your life will feel a change. The Holy spirit will bless you, because of your faith and God's love.

The Holy Spirit causes tears when one feels the peace and love of our Lord. Everyone who has received a pocket cross has cried as they held it. Mitch is shown different futures for those with the crosses. He tells the new owner what God showed him with the crosses. Some are predictions of how their faith will help many. Others are how much love God has for them and how they shine all the way to heaven with their love.


God is working through all of us that walk the best we can through love. With our Lord's love we can empart His glory and love onto others.

Two black ebony crosses bought as a gift to a grandson. The grandson's wife, Mitch was nudged to make her one even though it wasnt ordered. When he prayed and asked for God to bless them, he was shown two lights from them moving above their heads to become one light straight to heaven. He was also shown something about the young man and how God would help him through all. His wife was one of love and happiness and always laughing. He was shown they both love God dearly. When they received their crosses, the grandson put them together and a burst of bright light formed in the middle then moved straight up through to the ceiling! The young man also agreed with what God showed Mitch was something he needed help with.

Black ebony pocket cross: “I feel it in my pocket and am calmed”

Mitch sent a pocket cross to daughter in rehab. A worker and a patient wanted one also. 

With faith miracles happen!

Mitch's youngest daughter's response, who has recently said "I need God in my life." : "I hold my cross in my hand and I tell Him I am scared all I know is God is there telling me I'm right there I can be okay just need to surrender/ repent all ..but he holds me in His hand and keeps me from the reapers dropping sand I have never felt this way at it all caught up to me "

The lady that works at the rehab, "when I opened the bag and held the cross I felt peace cover me."

Other Patient " I want to wear it all the time how to I put something on to wear it" 

Lightning Cross # 188: Irene Baron ordered a pocket cross. She stated "Just having the cross in my pocket brought a feeling of peace.  It's just the right size. When I grasp it, I feel energy from the Holy Spirit flow up my arm and across  my  body in validation of the power of prayers said over the cross.




Lightning Cross: A lady in Ohio ordered one to help her with anxiety. "At work today had cross in my pocket had no anxiety, holding it now before sleep it is very calming.

A lady in Ohio Since I ordered your crosses my life has changed. I am getting out more and wanting to do things I had not wanted to in so long. I know it is the crosses!

Pastor in NJ ordered 2 clergy crosses  Thank you! I am so excited about these custom pieces. Thank you for using your gifts to glorify our Lord. I will wear it with gratitude and recieve God's blessings richly. May you be well and continue the amazing work you do.

Reverend ~ NY: “Wow! I just opened up the package with the cross and its certainly intense... I feel such joy experiencing it. I put it in the kitchen which seems like the perfect place for it. Thank you so much! My spirit leaps for joy.”

“I also just placed an order for the one that was on your site. I think I am going to use it in my next house in my home office. I just find such comfort experiencing these gifts from creation and the gift of your amazing spiritual healing and power of the Holy Spirit.”

Paula Gibeson  •  Portland Oregon:  “Mitch, the driftwood crosses you made for the children in our church were each a blessing beyond words. One parent told me her 3 year old daughter ‘held it in her hand and smiled.’ Now the cross hangs in her bedroom. She looks at the cross as they say their bedtime prayers. 

Another family rejoiced at receiving their crosses. The grandmother serves in our church. Her daughter does not routinely go to church. The two grandsons were very excited to receive their crosses. After receiving the crosses, the family’s spiritual growth has been blessed. 

Another little girl was simply excited to have her own special cross. Her mom said she was ‘jumping for joy!’

What a mission!! I’m so blessed to make the connection between your talents & the children’s ministry here in the northwest. 

You are a blessing, Mitch🦋 
Thank you so much🌹"

Video of these crosses

Oxygen delivery guy

When Mitch had to be put on temporary oxygen due to covid pneumonia and blood clots in both lungs, (healer heal thyself lol) The delivery guy was very much a believer and with all of the crosses hanging on Mitch's walls the conversation began. Mitch at this time had an almost three foot tall and three-inch-deep cross leaning against the wall near the man. As the conversation continued about God and miracles in his life and Mitch's miracles. Mitch had mentioned the big cross needed a home. "Know any churches that might want that?" The man looked at it and nodded then continued to speak.

Mitch watched as the mans' right arm kept pulling toward the big cross. He would glance at it while speaking then suddenly said, "this needs to be in a church!" He began to sweat as did I. The Holy Spirit was strong in the room with a feeling of peace and a bit dizzy. "How much is this?" Mitch was going to sell it for $75 but $30 came to his mind. "$30 dollars." He smiled and said "I happen to have exactly $30 in my pocket." The man left Mitch in a Holy Spirit high. That is what Mitch says happens when God is involved with communicating and nudging healing services or during healings. And that he had exactly that amount and that smile on his face felt God was present! 

Reverend Calvin Collins
“What really caught my eye was the image of suffering that the cross made from bark portrayed. We focus a lot on the resurrection, but the suffering that love is so great and that is what I found so moving in it. I can't tell you the reason for being drawn to the other one, but I'm very empathetic and just find it a blessing by experiencing it even just seeing a picture. So I am very excited to display it.”   

*new, from the Reverend ~  “These crosses truly have healing in them. It is evident not just in the prayers said, blessings shared, but in the artistic way Mitch makes these works of miraculous art come to life through ordinary wood. It is beautiful but not just in the human sense. They are life changing and so impactful to so many.”

Oklahoma Lady 
“I look up at the cross you made and find the room fills with light.  My heart soars and tears of joy fill my eyes.  His light fills me and I can fly.”

Zanesville Lady
“The second cross I ordered came in the mail.  I took it to work to open the package.  As I opened the package for all to see the cross, a lady in the room who had just recovered from breast cancer and was a new Christian saw the cross and picked it up, holding it to her heart. She said she had to have it.  She was so adamant that I finally gave her the cross. She held it to her heart and couldn't take it away from there.  She was so excited and pleased to have the cross that I told her she didn't have to pay for it.  It made her feel so good, the cross must have been a God send for her. I will just order another one.”
         (NOTE: Mitch commented about the incident.  He said that while making the cross for the lady who commissioned it, something didn't feel right that it felt like it didn't belong to her. When the cross was finished and prayers said for the buyer, it still didn't feel as if it was hers. That had never happened before. He sent it to her anyway.  The one he made for this buyer evidently was not for her, but destined for one of her coworkers. He said that the "crosses have a way of finding where they belong.") 

Dallas Lady 
“I'm taking this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful, special cross made for me, ... I can always see light where Jesus's head would be! It gives me peace.  Thank you Mitch Bensel.”

Maryland Lady
"Thank you SO MUCH!!! It's so simple but so complex! The wood is alive with character, movement, and the subdued glow of the finish - WOW!! The colors and grain of the wood are amazing! The cross makes me want to reach out and touch it, and the Miraculous Medal and your initials make it perfect! (It is exactly the "right" size too.) Thank you."

Ohio Lady
"When I opened my cross upon its arrival, there was a feeling of joy and goodness.  I looked it over and let my hands moved over the wooden surface.  I saw the "MB" carved into the back to remind the world it was a Bensel Cross. He placed a small medal of the Virgin Mary on the back of the cross. I believe that was an association with my book, "Mary Knew - A biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures." ... I replaced a picture of Balaam on the wall beside my front door with my Bensel Cross. After putting the cross on the wall, I walked to the kitchen for a drink of water. Walking back from the kitchen as I went to enter the living room, I had to stop. My body impacted a force which was not impenetrable, but let me know it was there.  It felt like the air in the living room had pressure behind it.
     The cross was exhibiting the energy and power stored within it.  I believe the prayers Mitch Bensel said while constructing the cross were filled with Christian love, care, and were powerful. Add to that his requested blessings from God and Jesus, that cross became a miracle of spiritual love.  
       My first thought was astonishment. I thought, "What?" Then I knew it was the cross. The cross was the only thing that was different in that room.  After pausing and taking in that revelation of the power of that small wooden Cross, I stepped into the living room. The power of that cross enveloped me as I walked toward it. it flowed around me. The amount of pressure surrounding me did not change as I walked to where the cross rested upon my wall.  When I reached the wall, I looked up at the cross and put my head against the wall to see the back of it again. Had anything changed? No. I reached up and put my hand on the front of the cross.  I felt energy move into my hand. THAT CROSS HAD ENERGY that the Holy Spirit in me recognized.
     Removing it from the wall, I moved my hands over the cross. I placed my right hand on the front of it and left hand on the back and felt the wonder of its existence in my home.  I traced my hand across it and gently returned it to its new home on my wall.  After that one instance, I had not felt the air pressure power of the cross. Yet, when I touch it, the power of the imbedded prayers and blessings are felt with a slight source of pressure/energy against my hand. I assume energy enters my hand. I can feel that energy over 20-feet away.
     This cross creates wonder and astonishment every day. Wonder, because of what the cross contains inside. Astonishment that the cross was made for me as a gift from someone who loves God to another Christian. It became the one of the most important objects in my home."