Testimonials of Miracles

Testimonials Of Miracles Beginning 2021 ~Including YouTube Miracles ~


If you have been healed, contact Mitch on the guestbook that is on the HOME Page or email and let him know so we can glorify God with His blessings in your life! All Praise and love to God!

Testimony of Miracles from
General, Requested, Church Service Healings, & You Tube healings  God is truly still in the miracle Biz! When someone listens with their faith knowing God works through all of us miracles happen. The three healings contain three prayers, for peace from the Holy Spirit, for a relief of pain from time to time for those in life with a path of pain and or a complete healing.


Miracles told after asked to pray, general without a name for there are too many and many wish it kept private.  

Some prayers, Mitch is shown where light is surrunding an illness or object ingested to keep the person safe untl the doctors can help. God works through all and especially doctors.

As you walk through your day and listen to the healing audio or ask for prayer, know God is truly hearing and hears every moment of our thoughts and wishes  There are truly many many more miracles that have not been recorded           Gosh.. His love is pure 


“my COPD has been reversed!”

“I feel your prayers!”

“all of my pain has gone!”

“They found no more cancers!”

“My back doesnt hurt any longer!”

“I could feel the Holy spirit's peace cover me!”

“I felt so much peace i could float!”

Immediately my back was cured!"

“I can see light rays coming from my cross!"

“When i am praying i hold the cross and feel peace!”

**Since you started praying for me I'm noticing lots of changes in health, but other ways also. I'm not all fire and brimstone, I listen to gentler teachers. My heart is softening. My writing once again is becoming prolific, and I love that because it's all for the glory to God. Hope you are well Mitch and your day is good. God bless you 

***Mitch wants to note this is all God.. ask and you shall receive is for all believers … when you pray, pray from your depths with faith, then God hears you through Jesus*** God gets all the glory!

Man on Twitter :I listen to your prayer everyday. I feel it. It's working. I'm being healed. Thank you for sharing it with me. God bless you always

12 August 2022- Valerie McCloy update: "I am so grateful & blessed. I am feeling the best I've felt in over 7 years. really did not think I would feel this ever again!"

29 July 2022 - Valerie McCloy, a Georgia resident, testified that listening to the Mitch Bensel You Tube "Three Healings," she felt peace and calm saying her anxiety had left.

My name is Valerie McCloy. 
From a Dear Friend, I received knowledge of Mitch Bensel’s Healings, and his “3 Healings Video”.

I have Scoliosis, and added back pain from 40 yrs of Nursing .
I have been playing Mitch’s Healing 
Video, before sleeping . After three nights, I went to Church, & forgot my support pillow !! Near the END of services, we stood up to sing…I realized…NO PILLOW😳 
I Thankfully also noticed an increased sense of “Well Being”. Calmer inside. 
That part alone…has effected my overall health 🙏 
Mitch is a Vessel ✝️ 
I have passed this knowledge to several of my friends 😁

Bless you Mitch 🌿🙏🌿🙏🌿🙏

12 July 2022 - A Cambridge, Ohio Lady requested healing prayer through the message link at the bottom of the web page.  Her request for healing peace for distraught friends and family of a dying young man. She reported that everyone received peace of mind and were finally able to cope with the situation. Thankful for the prayers, she appreciates the feelings of well being, peace, and comfort witnessed and thanks Mitch Bensel for his prayers.  

4 July 2022 - Asthma healed AND STROKE ! A cashier at a Zanesville department store was having trouble talking and breathing. I asked her if I could pray for her, she said yes! I closed my eyes and asked the Holy Spirit to move through and heal her lungs. I felt the Holy Spirit's energy move from me to her and into her lungs. She smiled a huge smile! "You felt that didn't you!" "Yes! God is great!" She could speak easily and breathing was fine! This also is the FIRST healing miracle that I actually FELT the Holy Spirit's energy move from me and into her! I am usually shown where God's light was working in them. To this day she is still healed. 

Update! visited Brittany and had lunch, she walked in and since seeing her had had a small stroke!. I asked if i could pray for her, she said yes! AS the lunch went on her speach improved greatly. Irene Baron visited her a few weaks later, Saw her at her job! she was walking and talking fine! Healed from Stroke!

22 May Celebration of God service:
 Lady living in Zanesville, with previous miracles with her neck said "During the ceremony, May 22, 2022, my body's arthritis pain disappeared."   

Lady that came to celebration of healing may/22/22 at UMC in Zanesville Ohio, I attended your service at Coburn UMC tonight, 5/22. I attended with my husband who has chronic pain & physical limitations. I wasn't expecting, nor was I going to ask for healing, because I have no physical limitations due to pain. HOWEVER, my arthritis in my thumbs, which is sometimes painful, but doesn't limit me, is improved. Praise God! And thank you for letting Him work through you. My husband said his neck, back, & hip pain began improving when he decided to attend your healing service.

Lady, Nebraska - Diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer. Doctors gave her less than a year to live. When Mitch sent prayer and healing to her at the request of a friend, within a week the cancer began to change. Doctors were amazed to see the cancer continually decreasing in size. It went from stage four to stage three, two and one. Within another week, the remaining cancer mass became encapsulated. That meant the cancer was sealed off from the rest of her body.

If the encapsulated cancer had been left alone, it would never spread to anyplace in her body. She said on 19 March 2022, "To be cured was an amazing experience. It was beautiful. From having less than 12 months to live to looking forward to a normal life expectancy." She expressed much gratitude for the healing and sent many thanks to Mitch Bensel.

Man/Ohio 2022 - Has a titanium plate in his neck and two titanium rods in his back. He testified to the church audience and Mitch Bensel, "As I was growing up, I worked in heavy road construction, with concrete, and machine work. I think they were trying to break records, for I had to work very hard and that affected my back and neck. The pain that I had was lingering, starting in the morning when I got out of bed and also yardwork. Not severe but annoying after all those operations. On May 31st of this year, I received a message from Irene concerning your You Tube video. As I was lying in bed catching up on ebay and messages, I decided to look into Mitch Bensel's video. I had a conversation about Mr. Bensel with Irene at an earlier time. I was curious about him and his healing power. 

The room was quiet as the television was not on to the usual news station I watch quite often. 

By listening Mr. Bensel's You Tube video on three healings, I sensed the feeling of peace and calm. The low back pain I was experiencing at the time went away. I made a mental note about the lack of pain and eventually went to sleep. I rarely feel pain in my back now except when I overdue with physical activity such as lawnmowing. Any pain that I do experience, however ... from time to time, is now is short lived and minor compared  with what I had previously. I kept this to myself for several weeks until I was involved in a conversation with my wife and Irene. At that time I admitted to Irene that all the pain I had experienced in the past is essentially gone. Thank you Irene Baron and Mitch Bensel."

12 September 2021 ~Lady/Ohio - Broken neck that had been medically treated
 She was in great neck/back pain with movement and walking difficulty. She was told by her doctor at Grant Hospital in Columbus that she could never live alone, was unable to drive due to neck mobility, and would have to be bedridden in a nursing home with 24-hour nursing care for the rest of her life. She was in great pain at the 12 September 2021 Zanesville healing service until healer Mitch Bensel did a hands on healing with her and touched her neck. She said the pain immediately left. She is now living in her home with no difficulty, driving, and leading a normal life attending church, eating out, etc. 

Lady/ Ohio - Irene Baron - Debilitating pain from seven splayed disks in the lower back, sore back muscles, a torn meniscus in each knee w/swollen legs. Now,  all body damage repaired. An X-ray in 2022 showed vertebrae perfect with no sign of remaining splayed disks present. Knees no longer have pain. Mitch told her he saw light cover her shoulders and back. A thick light that covered like a white blanket.

Lady/Ohio -  Necrosis, the lady had collapsed bones of her right foot including Cuboid, Navicular, Cuneforms, Metastarsals, and Tarsal-metatarsal joints. A doctor created a polymer/bone including pulverized bone from her hip to keep her body from rejecting it. It was a solid replacement shaped to take the place of the damaged bones which had broken into 200+ pieces. The right ankle was damaged and needed replacement.
She said pain had diminished, thoughts were more clear, and she feel it working on her leg. She is walking without a crutch.

Lady/Ohio - Suffered from continual back pain. She reported her back pain was better after attending a 2021  Zanesville healing service and continues to heal.

Mitch's EX had kidney problems, sent prayer and healing. The doctor could not understand how they had gotten better.

19 July 2022- Valerie McCloy, a Georgia resident, reports being healed by the latest healing audio produced by Mitch Bensel. She said she was looking for peace and received it through listening to the audio. Ms. McCloy said, "It made me warm, peaceful and hopeful. Mitch Bensel's voice has an essence that endears you to the message.  The sound of his voice made me listen closer. My Spirit was helped and I was healed. I listened to it more than once.

May 2022 -Lady living Zanesville and a member of Coburn UM Church had a facial skin infection that stymied doctors. She found complete healing through daily listening to the Three Healings audio on You Tube. She said every day her skin was more healed. She still listens to the audio, "Three Healings."

Gentleman/Zanesville, Ohio  Debilitating back pain from muscle spasms has been healed. He said he still listens to the "Three Healings" audio as he is working on healing his feet now.

Lady/Helena - "Thanks for the video. Really helped me to relax while I prepare for a busy weekend."

Lady/Edie - "I am living proof that your prayers for healing and endurance works because I felt that light one day and it was the first time I felt good in a long time after my bout with cancer. You sent me light, love and healing from God and I was so calm and actually felt hopeful and I had a really good day and have had many since. thank you mitch and God Bless you for this gift  you give us from God."

Lady/Wisteria - "Hi Mitch, this was beautiful and filled my heart with joy. My heart and mind are in a much better place now ..."

Lady/Ohio-Irene Baron - arthritis in right hand and damage to left hand from accident.  Hand arthritis pain is gone and joint swelling from that condition continually decreasing. Irene said, "As I listened to the audio, I felt tingling in the tips of my fingers. The tingling increased in feeling and slowly moved across the hands, wrists, and up the arms.  The tingling continued after the audio had finished.  Within minutes the arthritis pain was gone. The large, arthritic middle finger joint decreased in size over a two week period.

Gentleman/Ray -  Ray had his right hip replaced. After the replacement, he experienced pain, especially on the right side of his tailbone or sacroiliac area. He said getting out of bed was very difficult. He had the greatest pain at that time.  One evening he was lying in bed in pain and decided to listen to Mitch Bensel's Three Healings audio on You Tube. He felt the pain leave his back area as he listened. Ray said, "I felt that something was different. There was pain and then there was no pain.  It just left me. It went. When I got out of bed there was no pain." He said he walked around the bed to see if the pain would return. It did not. He went up and down the stairs and found there was still no pain. He said it was "Pretty neat!" Six months later Ray remains pain free.

Lady/Shelly - Back compression fracture of Lumbar 4 with osteoporosis. In her Sunday School class at Coburn Church, Shelly told the class she had listened to the Mitch Bensel - Three Healings -You Tube audio. She said that before the audio she had severe back pain and could not stand up without assistance or great painful effort with someone having to help her stand. She listened to the audio with closed eyes. As she listened, she saw a great white light in her mind. After that, there was no pain. She said, "You know, even now to this day, I don't feel pain in that area. When overdoing it, maybe a twinge of 'tired'pain." In her Sunday School class, she said "I never dreamed I'd be pain free!" She stood up and twirled around and walked in the room with a big smile. The next several weeks she reported she was still pain free and remains so.

Memorable Moments

The first long distance healing:

Mitch was on a game site and an artist spoke to him. Mitch relates, "She was so injured, she couldn't raise her arms. I was nudged to help her. I said I would try to send to her long distance. I asked, "Do you believe in Jesus? She replied "yes." I touched her name on the screen. I saw light moving through her shoulders and down her spine. I saw the light inside my mind. I see the whole person and how the light goes different placed in their body. It's just there. It doesn't move into them, just through them. It doesn't take but a few seconds." Then he said, "I'm done." Mitch reports that she felt heat. She felt peace and thanked me. 

A few days later she could raise her arms. She could paint again. She could go swimming and was healed.  I said 'Yay! again. So long distance healing can be done. That was my first long distance healing. She painted me a picture and wrote on the back, "given as a token of friendship to Mitch. My dear friend. My healer. I can't imagine my life with you not in it."  The painting is pictured below with the salutation on the back of it.

Original painting presented to Mitch Bensel for healing the artist's arm











The Second Long Distance Healing-

The next long distance healing was one of Mitch's sisters. She was in a hospital with blood clots.  She called and asked, "Can you do that healing thing you do over the phone?"
     He replied, "We can try."
     "How long will it take?"
     "A few seconds maybe. Maybe 3 to 4 seconds, not very long."
     Mitch said, "Okay," and initiated healing through the Holy spirit. As he watched the image in front of him, he saw the light start at her feet, go up her legs, around her lungs and shot up out of her head. He told her, "Okay. Done."
     She was excited and said, "I felt it. It started at my toes and moved up and went into my head. Why did you send it to my head?"
     He answered, "I didn't. It goes where it wants to go. Maybe you had a clot starting there. I don't know." 
    Her clots did go away. She did take blood thinners, but she also felt the Holy Spirit move through her.

Reversal of COPD

Lady/ TN had total reversal of COPD. Healing was done long distance on game site and on phone. Doctor who took x-rays after being healed, took them to seminars to talk to doctors and show them to always include God in their treatments. Miracles happen.

Not a Healing Miracle -

When Mitch and one of his daughters were rollerblading in their apartment complex, they were learning how to stop.   He said, "We'll run into the grass to stop."  They turned a corner and were rolling downhill. The daughter began to head for a car parked in the carport. She was going so fast, she couldn't change her path. She saw what was happening and froze on her rollerblades. She couldn't move.  Everything stilled. Even though Mitch was rolling, he surrounded her with energy. At the time, he said, it felt weird and time felt quiet. He asked God to surround and protect her. The girl jumped up into the air and spun around. She landed on the rollerblades and stopped.
     He yelled, "How did you do that?"
     She yelled back, "I don't know!"  She didn't get hurt.  It wasn't a healing, yet it was a miracle.      

Miracle for Mitch

It was Christmas. I was dating, everybody was there. My nephew and I were outside and they called us in to eat. They opened up the door to hold it open for me.  I ran up the steps and tripped. It was about four steps. The good old steps when there were deep but narrow steps that you fall down anyway.

I tripped and I was in the air.  I put my hand down to catch myself four different times, but I stayed in the air. I kept trying to reach out my hand to catch myself, but I was in the air.  I kept seeing my hand press down, but I stayed in the air. Then I was let down, like a kerplunk, gently.  My nephew said, “Ahhh, you just did  matrix thing," because I was truly in the air for several seconds. 

If I’d have fallen and hit the steps, I would have been badly hurt on the edge of that step. I was held. I don’t know why.

I always joked about it and said, “I ran into somebody’s angel running up the steps.” I ran and must have run into an angel and tripped.  That’s the way I thought it.  It wasn’t even for me but for somebody else.

Oregon - First Miracle After the Oregon Affirmation of Mitch's Directive from God he was a healer (https://mitchbensel.com/bensel-crosses/blog/blog_categories/51861)
~ Male with child 

Male was cured of Thyroid cancer during a hands on healing. His young daughter was also cured of cancer. Contacted in 2022, he and his daughter remain cancer free.

30 May 2021 The First Mass Healing 

This was a new type of healing for Mitch. Something happened on 30 May 2021 which in over 20 years of healing had never happened before.

Mitch was working on a driftwood cross and stood up. As he stood in his living room a large square taking up about one fourth of the room appeared. In the square were many grey threadlike lines. He fell back into the chair. In the middle of the square, he was shown two people, visible from the neck up, their mouths open as they cried out in obvious agony. 

He was made aware to send healing at that moment. He was shown where the Holy Spirit was sending healing light while it moved along every grey threadlike line going back to the people needing it. As the healing moved along the lines, the box collapsed in on itself and vanished. 

With all healings, with one thought to send healing, he is shown by the Holy Spirit where the light moves. He didn't  know who these people were or where they were from. Mitch later related, after being asked if he felt tired, that it took no energy on his part to send the massive healing. It was taken care of immediately by God. Perhaps in the future, he will be asked to heal many people at one time using the same process. He did say at the end when the square closed his comment was, "Whoa!"  Mitch always gives thanks to God after each prayer for healing.