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Mitch Bensel ~ Healing: Senior Citizen & Rehabilitation Facilities

Numerous Senior Citizen & Rehabilitation Facilities, Muskingum County

Prearranged meetings with Facility Activity Directors and/or other coordinators to learn who needs healing prayers and/or hands on healing. Residents who have requested healing will be privately visited. requested visitations may take more than one day.

Mr. Bensel will be Working with hospital Chaplains to send God's healing prayers to patients. God knows and the blessings will fall into every patient, again as always God's will be done and His timing.

I was able to meet with the head Chaplain which was quite a pleasant experience. His love for God is evident in his every movement and especially his smile. I went to the chapel and prayed over the book that carries all that need prayer and then was shown the Holy Spirit's light move through different people in the hospital. Some of the healing was for staff to slow their hardened hearts. God always has something cool and new learning for me to see.

.. God bless all of you : )

Mitch Bensel ~ Healing shut ins visited

Starting from Coburn UM Church each day., Zanesville, Ohio

Healings will take place at homes of shut ins throughout the week beginning 23 May. The gift of God's healing will be through the Holy Spirit. Each shut in home/location that wish to be visited will be confirmed by telephone. Pastors and church offices need to send shut in information via email - - to include for each shut in their name, ailment, telephone number and address.

Mitch Bensel celebration of God's love healing service

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Coburn UM Church, 3618 Maple Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio

Mitch Bensel, in his second visit to Zanesville, will have Three Healings. It’s more than healing. It is a celebration of God’s love through His Holy Spirit. It’s for those present to feel the Holy Spirit to have the Holy Spirit literally infused through and into their spirit. Also those needing to be healed physically.

The first healing from the Holy Spirit is peace when God moves through the soul causing calm. With the Holy Spirit moving through us miracles happen with our spirit. With calm we can hear Him better and the better we hear our Lord the more we live with love in our hearts. The smallest places inside us.. those places where pain hammers at us.. not physical pain but emotional pain. Tonight The Holy Spirit will comfort and remove all the noises that are causing turmoil or questionings.

The second form of healing is relief from pain from illness for a moment, a day or more, God's will be done. A lot of us have to endure chronic pain. God knows our pain and He is going to thank us during this healing with relief from time to time. God's will and timing of it but it will happen. Once through these healings you have been touched by God, His light stays within you stronger than it was.

The third is a complete healing from whatever is crippling or causing pain, mental illness, addictions. All healings will be done in God's time. The healing may happen immediately or over some time. God's time and His will.

A hands on healing will take place at the end of the service for those wanting it. Sometimes the hands on will be a message to the person from God. This is a free event.

Crosses, little plastic ones will be available free for those that want one. They will be blessed the way Mitch asks God to bless the drift wood crosses. It is quite a beautiful moment.

This event will be video taped and will be available for all to watch anytime they need healing.